1 Film 7 days a week

Film Weeks

Welcome to the week-long film festival that spans across iconic cities like London, Berlin, Paris, and New York. Our concept is refreshingly simple: one short and one carefully selected feature film per day, for seven days straight.

At our festival, quality reigns supreme over quantity. We understand the burden of decision fatigue, so we've crafted an experience that eliminates it entirely. Our goal is to guide our audience through a curated journey, step by step, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in each cinematic masterpiece without distraction.

As the festival continues to grow, so does our reach. Every year, a new city becomes the backdrop for our cinematic celebration, offering audiences around the world the opportunity to experience top quality in filmmaking. Our identity system is mindful of that concept and therefore comprises of a system that has a modular system of a seven block (seven day) grid. In our brand(ing) we play with frames as sequences. The grids can shape and merge, forming a symbol for each of the cities. The colour palette has flexibility but is also a representative marker for each of the festivals. We’ve implemented two type faces in the brand: Canela Deck and New Rail, allowing for functionality but also facilitating the ethos of the brand to allow for clear navigation and accessibility.


November 2021 - October 2022

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We got recommended to Julien, the founder by some dear friends in the graphic design industry.