A cinematic Journey through Palestine

Al Qattan Foundation

Michel Khleifi, a visionary Belgo-Palestinian filmmaker, who has dedicated his career to archiving Palestine and its landscapes. Central to his work is the exploration of identity, exile, and the rich tapestry of the Palestinian experience.

In designing his website, we drew inspiration from Khleifi's films, utilizing their vibrant color palettes to create  backgrounds that evoke the essence of his cinematic journey. These backgrounds serve as a visual homage to the landscapes he captures and the emotions he elicits through his storytelling in his cinema.

At the core of our design philosophy was the desire to represent the duality of Khleifi's identity—bridging the worlds of Latin and Arabic typography to reflect his heritage and his art. The logo, with its contemporary elements serves as a response toward his uncompromising vision and commitment to storytelling for Palestine.

The interface of the website is a canvas of stills from Khleifi's movies, each frame carefully selected to encapsulate the essence of his work. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in his cinematic universe, navigating through a digital landscape that mirrors the complexity and beauty of his films.

Ultimately, the creative direction of the website embodies Khleifi's contemporary approach to filmmaking—an exploration of identity, exile, and the enduring power of storytelling to transcend borders and unite hearts.


Al Qattan Foundation

Souad Ali

Hani Charaf


November 2021 - June 2022

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Through Betty’s mum who works in the cinema industry and is a good friend of Omar. Omar is the head of Mosaic Rooms and chair of Al-Qattan Foundation, he was also a student of the very talented Belgo-Palestinian film-maker Michel Khleifi.