A Potter's Studio

Victoria & Albert Museum

In collboration with EBBA we worked on an exhibition design for a special showcase of 'Richard Batterham – Studio Potter' at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Our approach aimed to evoke the essence of Richard's studio, drawing inspiration from its intricate details and textures.

We decided to choose a few specific design elements to echo in the installation. For example, we drew characters based on an engraving with his name at the entrance of his studio. In collaboration with the architects, we chose to give the room a warmer feel with a selection of colours and materials such as chipboard, textured paper, and distinct wall paint tones in correlation to Batterham’s ceramics.

We reimagined the gallery space, exploring innovative ways to display objects that allowed visitors to truly appreciate the material qualities of Richard's work. Rather than attempting to replicate his studio in a sterile white cube environment, we sought to capture its essence, infusing the space with elements that reflected his unique creative process.

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A former classmate and friend we met during our Masters at the Royal College of Art worked in the V&A design department, he recommended us to the Design Director.