Feeling the Room

Science Gallery London

Entering Science Gallery London felt like stepping into a maze of innovation and wonder, bursting with potential. Our mission? To create a wayfinding system that  integrated into this immersive experience. Teaming up with Edit Collective, a female-led architectural design agency, we set out to redefine how the gallery welcomed its diverse visitors.

Instead of conventional signs and arrows, we envisioned a visual journey throughout the space. Collaborating with Studio Hot Mess, we crafted soft ceramic shapes for each area. We workshopped ideas around how people moved around the space and how that particular movement could be encapsulated within a space in the shape of ceramic forms.

Our focus wasn't just on looks; sustainability and adaptability were key. We aimed for a system that could evolve with future exhibitions. Enter flexibility: magnetic interpretation boards and a modular navigation board that shifted alongside the gallery's changing landscape.

Modularity was our ally. Laser-cut letters and templates empowered the Science Gallery team to rearrange and print with ease, adding their own touch to our design whilst also having a sustainable approach to using as little waste as possible. Consulting accessibility experts ensured our creation spoke to everyone who entered.

Our wayfinding system wasn't just a map; it was an invitation to explore. It blended art, accessibility, sustainability, and inclusivity, transforming Science Gallery London into a tapestry of discovery and belonging.


Edit Collective

Studio Hot Mess

Peter Benett Studio

Kings College London


April 2021 - August 2022

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We pitched for a project with DK-CM, a architectural design studio. They told Edit about us.