Mother's Daughter

My Daughter Terra

My Daughter Terra, an anthology bringing together a wide range of international emerging artists, architects, designers and writers engaging with the language and mythologies of environmental responsibilities. Conceptualised in moments of great emergency, the publication collects many different vantage points and individual perspectives — regional traumas, individual pasts, the most viral of destructions and what might come in the future. The linguistic shift from mother earth to daughter suggests our Earth must now be cared for and emphasise our responsibilities towards her. My Daughter Terra is a conscious and low waste publication striving for more sustainable publication practices while also allowing for high-end production. One such way is through its cover. The book itself is coptic stitched, a medieval “spine-less” binding.  The covers are also handprinted using recycled inks and papers from past projects, paper samples and off cuts to reduce production waste as well as allowing each copy of the first print-batch to be truly unique.

Nina Hanz

Plaintiff Press

September 2021 - December 2021

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