Handing the Keys to the City

Open City

City Curator is an initiative that has evolved from the Accelerator programme. It aims to provide opportunities for young people across a series of design, education and mentoring pathways increasing diversity in the built environment. Hinting and emulating elements from Accelerate’s original programme we developed the branding for City Curator. Whilst we worked on the development of the idenity we wanted to make sure that we fully understood the essence and the vision of the bigger picture behind City Curator. Hence, we decided to sit down with Accelerate alumni and do a collaborative workshop to understand what truly embodied the spirit behind City Curators. Ultimately this initiative forges enduring links between innovation and urban experiences, setting a precedent for future Accelerate initiatives and revolutionising urban exploration. The City Curator logo form, represent a fist holding the keys of the city, symbolising open doors and access to multiplicity of talents, cultures and diverse archs of life. For the colour palette we wanted to use shades of yellow, as an homage to Open City, but also include various shades of brown that could be implemented onto the fists logo, representing the diversity the initiative embodies.


June 2023 - October 2023

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