Treasure Islands

the Design Museum

Experience the essence of islands – within our concept we approached each project that was presented in the residents programme like discovering a new island—a world unto itself, rich with biodiversity and unique customs. Diving into diverse subjects like land literacy, laundry drying strategies, pigeon creations and more all while using sustainable materials and taking inspiration from decolonial mapping. Each projects adds a unique layer to the Residency’s theme, weaving together sea, land and sky whilst departing from the traditional view of maps and factual and precise representation.

Collaborating with fellow creatives, we integrated sustainability and decolonial principles into our work. Our materials became storytelling tools, from forgotten atlases to the tactile joy of seaweed paper. All materials, were consciously sourced and produced. We used Notpla paper for the book marks, hand painting instead of vinyl for the entry boards and eco-conscious earth plinths. The page layout gives a nod to fluidity and a resistance to euro-centric grid structures, whilst also consistently using a intentional thread of binding the themes of the residents work together. Each shade of blue corresponds to the residents work for example, whilst also replicating the strata such as Deep Sea Blue, Cornwall Bay Blue, Laundry Detergent Blue and Pigeon Grey. The title treatment is derived from the representation of the different layers of the projects and inspired by topographic renderings.


Msoma Architects

Plain.tiff Press

121 Collective

Good Night Vienna


December 2022 - June 2023

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We went to an event organised by the Open House Festival, a friend from Edit Collective, Alberte, whom we had worked with before on the Science Gallery project introduced us to the curator of the residency programme. Usually, networking doesn’t work for us, but it did this time. This led to us being invited for an interview.